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    Calls for industry and governments to take action to accelerate the decarbonisation of the cement industry

    Cement industry: Take action

    16th October, 2023

    Mr. Gonzalez calls for the industry and governments around the world to establish a “robust regulatory framework” that can further accelerate the cement and concrete sector’s decarbonisation efforts.

    Introducing SECO/WARWICK Group Green Technologies for the USA

    Green Technologies for the USA

    4th October, 2023

    For years, SECO/WARWICK has been implementing innovations, including green technologies. So far, European enterprises have been the main beneficiaries of these solutions, with encouragement for implementation by the European Union. But what about the USA?

    Virtuo™-R: Flexible, repetitive, and reliable operation

    Fives: Virtuo™-R

    29th September, 2023

    Fives have launched the Virtuo™-R is an innovative decarb solution, developed for reheating furnaces. It offers fully automatic control to ensure accurate operations at optimal pace and heating points.

    Guardian Glass Bascharage furnace to restart in Q4 2023

    Furnace restart in Q4 2023

    11th September, 2023

    The furnace at Guardian Glass' Bascharage, Luxembourg plant is on schedule to be operational in Q4 2023 after a cold tank repair.

    Ardagh glass packaging to install the first Sorg Clean Melter®

    Ardagh: first Sorg Melter

    7th September, 2023

    SORG has announced it will begin construction of the first SORG CLEAN Melter® at Ardagh Glass Packaging’s facility in Obernkirchen, Germany.

    Primetals to supply ArcelorMittal's Brazil plant

    Primetals BOF: ArcelorMittal

    4th September, 2023

    ArcelorMittal has recently contracted Primetals Technologies for the revamping of two LD converters (BOFs) at its steel plant in Jõao Monlevade, Brazil.

  • Ardagh’s ‘NextGen’ hybrid furnace nears completion

    Ardagh Glass Packaging’s NextGen hybrid furnace, which could see up to a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions, nears completion.

    31 August 2023
  • Fives launches its first 100% hydrogen duct burner

    Fives has announced the launch of its first 100% hydrogen duct burner. The Hy-Ductflam™ is a key step towards the decarbonization of heating and drying processes worldwide as hydrogen emits zero carbon when burnt.

    30 August 2023
  • BlueScope Steel to reline Port Kembla blast furnace

    BlueScope Steel has approved the relining of its dormant number six coal-fired blast furnace, which will be the most expensive infrastructure project in the company's history.

    21 August 2023
  • Verallia CEO: Decarbonisation projects remain on track

    Glassmaker Verallia’s two key decarbonisation projects remain on schedule, said its CEO. Speaking to analysts during a financial call, CEO Patrice Lucas said the electrical furnace to be launched at its Cognac, France site is on track ready for next year.

    03 August 2023
  • India’s AGI Greenpac posts growth despite glass furnace shutdown

    Indian glass manufacturer AGI Greenpac posted an increased revenue of 7% despite a scheduled furnace shutdown.

    27 July 2023
  • Sorg secures Chinese glass furnace order

    German glass engineering company Sorg has secured a furnace order from China’s Nanjing Electric. The first furnace delivered by Sorg exceeded the requirements regarding the factors mentioned above and the operating time.

    26 July 2023