Furnaces International Issue
June 2022

Welcome to the June issue of Furnaces International.

Hopefully, you will have noticed that these issues have now settled into a rhythm with the content and layout - we are very pleased with the reaction from readers and hope this new look is easy to follow in an online format and provides all of the latest information you need to keep up-to-date with technical and topical developments.

As always, we start with a look at what has been happening across the global furnace industry and this issue sees a special company profile and interview with UK-based company Mechatherm. Our Editorial Assistant, Zahra Awan, found out all about the company’s history and it’s plans for furnace world domination!

The Life of a Furnace feature section includes a number of articles on how smart technologies are coming into play and what this means for the industries these furnaces serve.

And finally, greener technologies and manufacturing is here to stay, so the Green Furnaces features are a great read to find out more about improving industrial sustainability and renewable melting.

Keep an eye out for our next issue, which will be printed and distributed at the Furnaces North America event.

Nadine Bloxsome, Editor, Furnaces International,