Glass furnace inspection company Franke Industrieofen Service has joined the Munich-based industry service specialist, Robur. It will now offer its furnace inspection and monitoring services under its new branding FIOS.

Dr. Norbert Pfitzner, founder, and CEO of Franke Industrieofen Service, said: “Operating in the glass and aluminium industry we are already well known in Germany and central Europe.

"Together with Robur we want to expand our reach and offer our services to more clients – together Robur partners and especially with our longtime friends at Excelsius.”

FIOS specialises in furnace inspection and monitoring services without stopping the production process.

Using a self-developed mobile inspection camera system, FIOS delivers HD-quality insights into the furnace during the production process in temperatures up to 1,500ºC and gives feedback on the burning process.

This information can be used to make well-founded decisions on necessary furnace maintenance.

Dr Pfitzner explained the change in the branding: “In the past we have already been called FIOS by our international clients and this was inspiration for us to also pick up this name officially as our future brand.

“Based on our heritage and experience, we will expand our business for our clients and, together with Robur, offer industrial service along the life cycle of our clients’ assets”.

The two groups were already known to each other through their cooperation with Excelsius.

“FIOS is the perfect extension of our hot work services” said Dr. Florian König, Senior Partner at Robur, and CEO of the Business Unit Process of the group.

“FIOS and Excelsius have already partnered in the past, are both companies of choice in the glass and aluminium industry and together have the ideal potential to expand into further industries to deliver their hot works expertise,” he added.

"Our philosophy at Robur has always been to bring specialists together and have them work collaboratively on finding solutions to the challenges our customers face.

“With a focus on digital transformation, supporting ecological change and the Robur partnership, we can offer our customers and partner companies the ideal basis for growing together and mastering the challenges of today collaboratively within a group of specialists.

“We are delighted that Norbert, together with his colleagues at FIOS, have chosen to shape this further growth in and with Robur."