MetlSaw Systems, announces its integration into the Inductotherm Group.

A New Chapter for MetlSaw Systems With this strategic move, MetlSaw Systems is set to leverage the extensive resources and global network of the Inductotherm Group. This partnership aims to enhance MetlSaw’s capabilities in providing innovative sawing solutions, while expanding its reach to new markets and industries worldwide.

“Joining the Inductotherm Group will allow us to tailor solutions more specifically to the needs of various companies in aerospace, automotive, and service centers”, said Lisa Kvech, President of MetlSaw Systems. “For example, aerospace components require both precision cutting for intricate parts and specialised heat treatment, which can now be offered as a combined, optimised solution.”

This strategic unification is more than just a combination of products; the Inductotherm Group have stated that: "It's about enhancing the value we deliver to our customers. By offering end-to-end solutions in metal processing, we can help our customers achieve higher levels of efficiency, precision, and quality in their operations."

They have alos said that the collaboration opens up new possibilities in metal processing technology, setting the stage for innovations that could redefine industry standards. With Inductotherm Group's global presence and MetlSaw Systems' specialised expertise, both can offer unparalleled customer service and support on a global scale, while maintaining the local touch that our customers value.

MetlSaw Systems says that it looks forward to growth opportunities and advancements that this collaboration with the Inductotherm Group will bring.