Kentucky Machine & Engineering took steps towards improving their production process by installing new Lucifer Furnaces’ Dual Chamber furnace-over-oven, to replace gas-fired furnace.

The machine repair business’ new furnace, located in Cadiz Kentucky, features an upper chamber that is programmed to heat to 2200°F while the lower oven reaches 1200°F. The Dual Chamber furnaces allow its user to harden metals in the upper chamber before being placed in the lower convection oven for temper/drawing.

Both chambers are lined with 4.5” multilayer lightweight firebrick insulation and mineral wool backup precision dry fit to allow for thermal expansion while minimizing heat loss.

Kentucky Machine & Engineering’s investment will shorten their lead times on parts fabricated for their customers. CFO Amy Kuberski says:

”By not having to outsource this piece of the process, the increased size capability and the addition of the draw oven feature saves us a lot of extra time without having to be at the mercy of someone else’s schedule.”

Amy Kuberski, CFO

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