René Branders has been announced as a speaker for the upcoming Future of Furnaces event taking place between the 14th - 15th September 2021.

Graduating from the University of Brussels with a chemical engineering degree in 1986, René Branders is involved in the wire industry since 1988.

Currently he is the CEO of FIB Belgium, a private family company designing heat treatment lines for the steel wire industry and that was awarded “Industry of the year” by Ernst & Young in 2008 for the south part of Belgium.

Since September 2012 he holds the Chair of the European Association (CECOF) - The European Committee of Industrial Furnace, Heating and Metallurgical Equipment Associations- where BIFCA represents the UK interests of the branch.

He is also the President of many other organizations such as AGORIA the Federation of the technology industry in Belgium, the Federation of the Belgian Chambers of Commerce and the Belgian collective research center SIRRIS focusing on the transposition of new technologies to industrial scale solutions.

René Branders has prepared a presentation on the European and International Furnace Standards, which will uncover the current status of the evolving EN746 series of European safety standards and the progression of some of them to international ISO versions.

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