SFW ENERGIA Group in Poland, part of STEAG, acquired by REMONDIS

The year 2023 began for REMONIDS in Poland with the acquisition of 100% of the shares in SFW Energia Sp. z o.o., based in Gliwice, which manages networks across the country. SFW Energia including its subsidiaries, such as in Mielec and Zduńska Wola, operates some production facilities, has its own certified testing laboratory and also, through its subsidiary Logistyka Paliwa i Energia, independently faces the challenges of supplying units with fuel.

With its planned investments in the district heating sector in Poland, REMONDIS wants to strengthen its cooperation with public and private customers. The company intends to make a strong commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore betting on a transformation resulting in the production of environmentally friendly heat and power. All for the fastest achievement of the key objectives of a closed loop economy.

In Public Private Partnerships, REMONDIS is the proven and reliable partner, and the joint venture companies operating for many years in, among others, Poznań, Szczecin, Sosnowiec, Tarnowskie Góry, Krosno, Świdnik, Gliwice prove it. It means many years of working with local governments and faithfulness to our mission, which is to work for future generations, to educate residents in positive water, recycling and service behaviour and to act to improve the quality of the natural environment.

Now is the time to set new standards in next sectors of activity. Climate change and its progressive degradation require REMONDIS to pay even more attention to the issue of planetary pollution. The one most experts point to is related to the emission of greenhouse gases, and consequently global warming. Some of these emissions are due to old and inefficient heat sources. REMONDIS wants to fight for cleaner air, lower harmful emissions as well as the production of green heat supplied and electricity.

“For us, this is an important step in the development of REMONDIS in Poland. For many years, we have been investing in technologies that contribute to decarbonisation – reducing carbon emissions and replacing fossil fuels with alternative energy sources. In this regard, we are increasingly bold in our focus on photovoltaics and we are a leader among water, recycling and services companies in the category of low-emission vehicles, whose fleet is gradually increasing year on year with us. We are aware that the acquisition of the SFW Energia Group is another opportunity to provide low-carbon heat and energy to many residents and industrial clients of the cities where our plants are located, but also a mission of sorts, especially in these times of galloping energy and fuel prices. I believe that with this transaction, our customers will live in a much cleaner environment, because the energy transition is one of the biggest challenges facing the world. We know what society’s expectations are in this regard and we want to be the driving force of change for the benefit of future generations of Poles,” says Marek Gębski PhD – Member of the Management Board of REMONIDS Sp. z o.o.