Rick Lazarou, Founder and Chairman of Axaeon AG (Axaeon), and Mr. Guanghui Lang, Chairman of Sunstone Development Co, Ltd. (Sunstone), have signed a term sheet initiating a joint venture with the aim of commercialising Lazar Continuous Carbon Baking Furnace (CCBF) technology. Under this collaboration, Axaeon and Sunstone will join forces to build a facility in China and introduce the Lazar CCBF to the market.

Developed by Rick Lazarou and the team at Lazar Anode Technologies, the Lazar CCBF represents a major improvement in carbon anode baking technology. By addressing the pressing need for energy efficiency and emissions reduction in anode production for aluminum smelting, Lazar’s CCBF is expected to redefine industry standards.

The CCBF technology has undergone extensive process testing and optimisation at a demonstration facility in Hawesville, Kentucky, USA. The result is a process that reduces fossil fuel consumption by eliminating the wasteful cycles of refractory heating and cooling necessary in existing baking furnaces. Consequently, a carbon product is achieved with less impact on the environment - a reduced carbon footprint from lower CO₂ emissions.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Lazarou expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "This collaboration represents a milestone in our journey towards sustainable primary manufacturing. Sectors reliant on carbon products such as those used in aluminum smelting, lithium battery manufacture for electric vehicles, and the primary steel industry are potential applications of the Lazar CCBF technology. Our joint venture with Sunstone has the potential to revolutionise carbon production in these primary industries and set new standards for efficiency and environmental responsibility."