ArcelorMittal Brasil has chosen Danieli Centro Met technology and equipment for a twin-ladle furnace station to be installed at the Tubarão integrated steel plant in Serra, Espirito Santo state, where 7+ Mt/yr of high-quality, flat carbon steel products are produced.

The new twin-ladle furnace station will be placed in the melt-shop bay between converters and continuous casting machines to complete the refining area, remove sulphur contents and make quality adjustments to the steel bath, to produce USIBOR steel for automotive applications.

Characterized by ladle pass-through design, upside-down design electrode lifting/turning system, and Q-Reg, the new installation will increase melt shop capability, says Danieli, to produce low-sulphur grades for the automotive industry.

Danieli’s new fume-treatment plant, water-treatment plant and compressed-air plant will serve the twin-ladle furnace.

A new material handling system, a semi-gantry crane dedicated to ladle furnace station maintenance, and a laboratory for slag analysis also are part of the total order.

Danieli Automation process and electric controls featuring Q-Reg® advanced electrode regulation system for improved arc control and optimal performance, and AC transformer will handle the new secondary metallurgy station.