AMETEK Land have announced they are helping an Indian foundry to support metal quality and reduce ongoing costs.

LADA Foundry is focused on delivering top-quality products from its SG/ductile iron plant, which requires accurate measurements of the liquid metal during the casting process.

Traditionally the foundry used dip thermocouple tips in combination with a pyrometer which takes longer and increases operator risk and cost. AMETEK Land’s Cyclops 055L portable pyrometer can address all these issues

Capable of taking a non-contact measurement in under two seconds, the Cyclops improves operator safety with its point-and-shoot function, allowing the operator to be positioned several metres away from the molten metal.

It also significantly reduces the use and cost of disposable dip-type thermometers and improves measurement accuracy with its clear, wide-angle field of view and clearly defined measurement area for precision sighting.

After implementing the Cyclops into its process, LADA Foundry stopped using thermocouple tips completely, resulting in a cost savings of approximately INR 7,000,000.

LADA Foundry Plant Head, Mr. Yuvraj Patil, said: “The Cyclops 055L provides us with a safe, accurate and fast temperature measurement, and is helping us to improve production at our facility. Because the Cyclops is portable, we can measure each mould pouring temperature, and at the furnace, which helps to avoid super-heating."

Its rugged instrument casing means the Cyclops 055L is used by foundry operators worldwide and in a wide range of applications including melting furnaces, ladle treatment locations, pouring sectors, blast furnace runners and liquid metal transfers.