The controller models an eye-catching design, with a touch display, colored representations and simple symbols. The innovative design includes the well-known high-quality Nabertherm technology “Made in Germany” and yet can do so much more than its predecessor. For example, the controller 24 languages and is a globetrotter by nature.

Replacing the old buttons and turning switches, the controller impresses above all with one thing: intuitive operation. The graphical display of temperature curves of the selected program, the precise temperature control, the program status display with the expected end time and date, various user levels and the integrated help menu make the controller a device that makes the control and process monitoring so easy.

The new controllers of the 500 series will be used to control nearly all types of the Nabertherm range of furnaces. They can be upgraded to multi-zone controls; they are able to control linear cooling of the process curve or control parameters can be set for different temperature ranges. These are only a few features which the new controllers offer.

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