Glassmaker Verallia’s two key decarbonisation projects remain on schedule, said its CEO.

The company is developing two new technologies which will allow it to reduce its CO2 emissions.

Speaking to analysts during a financial call, CEO Patrice Lucas said the electrical furnace to be launched at its Cognac, France site is on track ready for next year.

The second technology is its hybrid furnace located in Zaragoza, Spain and start of production is scheduled for 2024.

He added two further decarbonisation solutions were also underway.

“Implementing our decarbonisation roadmap is also about being creative and being able to look at all the different solutions,” he said.

The Zaragoza plant has been using bio heating since 2022, meaning 20% of its natural gas has been replaced with bio heating, resulting in a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions.

This was a first pilot and will be implemented in all the divisions within Verallia.

The second project is what we call batch preheaters. It is about the use of batch heaters and the energy from fumes to heat raw materials before introduction into the furnace, which makes melting easier and less energy intensive.

The first application took place at its Bad Wurzach, Germany site at the beginning of 2023 with others planned in Portugal and Italy this year. This will reduce CO2 emissions by 12%.