ORI Martin has awarded Tenova a new contract to replace its Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) at its mill in Brescia (Italy). The partnership between the companies began in 1988, when ORI Martin commissioned Tenova’s Consteel® EAF, making it the first Consteel® in Europe at the time. The revamping of ORI Martin’s EAF highlights the group’s ongoing commitment to evolve and innovate in its pursuit of a sustainable steel sector.

In 2015, after more than 15 years of production, Tenova was contracted to modernise the Consteel® unit, as well as install a heat recovery system on the primary off-gas line exiting the new Consteel® to recover the available thermal energy in the off-gas to produce steam. The iRecovery® system has since been successfully supplying thermal energy to Brescia's district heating grid during the winter season and feeding an ORC turbo-generator to produce electric energy for ORI Martin's internal needs. In 2019, ORI Martin and Tenova joined forces once again for the "Acciaio_4.0" Lighthouse Plant, a pioneering project, supported by the Italian Smart Factory Cluster, focused on integrating Industry 4.0 technologies into the steelmaking process, resulting in the creation of a Cyber Physical Factory.

The new agreement for the revamping of the 25-year-old EAF allows ORI Martin to complete the modernization of their facility, optimizing consumption and processes to achieve the safe production of steel with minimal environmental impact.

The Brescia plant will be prepared for the installation of an Electro-Magnetic Stirrer using Tenova's Consteerrer® process, which will enhance process efficiency. The Consteerrer® technology, developed through an exclusive worldwide partnership with ABB, is an innovative electro-magnetic stirring system that boasts low operating costs, ensures exceptionally reliable and safe operations, and yields high-quality steel. By incorporating ABB's ArcSave® non-contact electromagnetic stirring of the furnace's liquid bath, the Consteerrer® enhances the Consteel® Evolution process and can also be tailored to suit the specific requirements of various steps in the EAF process.

Mario Marcozzi
Tenova Melt Shops Marketing & Sales Director

“We are delighted to continue this decades’ long partnership with ORI Martin, which is a true testament to the reliability of Tenova’s technologies and a great manifestation of ORI Martin’s trust in our company”

Natale Gaudenzi
ORI Martin Plant Manager

“Sustainability has always been a core value at ORI Martin, as we have pursued strategies to protect the environment and facilitate a circular economy. As early as 1998, we were investing in technologies to mitigate our impact on the environment, which is how we came to Tenova, who has been a trusted and reliable partner throughout. With this latest generation Consteel® EAF, we are confident ORI Martin will continue to be one of the most flexible, efficient and environmentally friendly steel meltshops”