Sorg has announced the completion of the rebuild of Saudi-based fibreglass manufacturer AFICO’s 38m² S-Melter.

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions resulting in the original plans being changed, Sorg was still able to deliver on time and with full completion.

A spokesperson for Sorg said:

“The quarantine was a huge challenge because travel restrictions changed daily but we managed to complete the project (glass-to-glass) ahead of time – one day before the initially planned commissioning date.”

A spokesperson for Sorg

They continued:

“In cooperation with AFICO and our specialists, the condition of the system was checked at regular intervals and steps were considered to keep the system alive until entry was possible again.”

A spokesperson for Sorg

Sorg managed the entire process alongside the AFICO team, including planning, equipment, demolition and assembly.

Due to the pandemic Sorg controlled the commissioning of the SCADA system via remote access from Lohr, successfully and on time.

A spokesperson for AFICO added:

“We really appreciate the effort and professionalism by which Sorg Group team has completed the project successfully, safely and on time. We appreciate their responsiveness, effective communication and coordination throughout the project.”

A spokesperson for AFICO

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