Sorg have been working with Hrastnik1860 to test the use of hydrogen for glass production on an industrial scale.

SORG has already tested various burner types. Our newly developed SDB underport burner has been operated with 100% H2 in the GWI Hy-Glass project, while another test with a natural gas/H2 and LPG/H2 mixture is about to start.

During December 2023, the oxyfuel-powered glass production plant of Hrastnik1860 was switched from gas to hydrogen. Individual burner pairs were gradually switched, with the hydrogen content in the gas increased and the oxygen adapted to the lower oxygen demand. A second test switched the melting furnace burners directly from 100% natural gas to 100% hydrogen.

This trial shows that a furnace can be switched to hydrogen by adapting the heating system to the different physical properties of gas and hydrogen.