Fives FCB have launched their Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™. This new-born of Fives’ range of continuous centrifugal claims to offer a strong response to market expectations: maximum autonomy, capacity, flexibility and quality. The Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™ claims to integrate the latest innovations in terms of Industry 4.0.

The Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™, the result of over 70 years of recognised expertise and an ambitious R&D program

With an installed base of over 1,300 centrifugals worldwide and technologies recognised by major players in the sector, Fives has leveraged its know-how to design and develop this latest generation of continuous centrifugals. Its design offers excellent energy efficiency thanks to the rapid evacuation of runoff from the lower part of the basket. Its modular patented basket design enables different qualities of massecuites to be processed for greater flexibility. Benefiting from a strong R&D policy, the continuous centrifugal Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™ also integrates the latest innovations of Industry 4.0.

Drawing on Fives FCB’s experience and successful development, the continuous centrifugal Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™ is a modern high-performance machine, designed for the most flexible and connected factories of the future. - Laurent LOUCHAERT, Product Manager, Fives FCB

In line with the plant connectivity approach, the Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™ features the latest developments in terms of digitalisation. It offers:

  • Fully automated operation, including start-up, shut-down and cleaning-in-place sequences;
  • Continuous monitoring of the main mechanical components, enabling predictive maintenance;
  • Real-time process data analysis for improved energy efficiency.

A first reference and a first success to boost market launch

In operation since 2022 in the Ivory Coast at Sucrivoire Zuénoula cane factory (a subsidiary of the SIFCA Group), the first reference of the Cail & Fletcher e-Crystal™ has provided the client with complete satisfaction. Appreciating the machine’s ergonomics, as much as its operability and the ease of maintenance it offers, it was above all the performance achieved that convinced the customer right from the start of commissioning.