EQIOM, A CRH Company, has announced the launch of a technological innovation and in-depth transformation program at its Lumbres cement plant, in France. This program, which constitutes the first phase of the K6 project, will reduce CO2 emissions and eliminate the use of fossil fuels from the cement plant. This project has been financed by the Government as part of the Recovery plan operated by ADEME and financed by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.

As part of this program, EQIOM will build a new, innovative clinker production line that will significantly increase thermal efficiency and accelerate the substitution of fossil fuels with alternative fuels (waste, biomass fuels, biogas). , thus allowing EQIOM to achieve its objective of 80% substitution by 2027 and, in the future, to potentially capture carbon.

EQIOM provides low CO2 footprint solutions, under the EQIOM R banner. From 2026, this new line will further support the decarbonisation of the construction industry by providing new low-carbon cements.

The launch of the K6 program represents a historic turning point for France and for the construction materials industry, as evidenced by the French government's decision to provide forty million euros in funding.

Roberto Huet, President of EQIOM, said: “Thanks to the support of the French government, EQIOM is moving one step closer to its ambition to decarbonize its production. The K6 Project in Lumbres demonstrates our commitment to tackling the challenges of climate change and our contribution to the development of a more sustainable and resilient built environment. It will also contribute to the local economy and help demonstrate France's leadership in industrial innovation and emissions reduction."