APEL Extrusions, Inc. has announced it is expanding their production capacity quickly in the new Phoenix, AZ facility.

Apel has officially commissioned Granco Clark and UBE to provide equipment for a second press line in their new facility. This news comes while Apel awaits installation and commissioning of their first press for this facility. Press #1 is expected to be online by mid-year 2022, followed quickly by press #2.

Apel is taking full advantage of the latest technology that Granco Clark has to offer. Both systems feature: The best High-Performance Spray Quench technology available, a Cut-On-The Fly Double Puller, High-Velocity Cooling Ducts, truly operator free Stretcher, an Automated Belt/Conveyor Handling System, HighEfficiency Log Furnace with Hot Billet Saw, FusionBond™, and Taper Quench for iso-pressure and iso-thermal extrusion.

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