Carbolite Gero has announced a new range of tube furnaces, developed over 18 months by specialists, industrial designers and skilled engineers.

The new design of new tube furnaces claims to boast the high-quality heating elements and an innovative thermal insulation design in comparison to a classic furnace. With rapid heating & cooling as well as temperature uniformity, the company has also focused on the sustainability of the new furnace, significantly reducing power consumption over previous models.

Optional work tube packages are also available to enable users to equip their tube furnace for operation under vacuum or with a modified gas atmosphere, providing a furnace for individual costumers. The gas packages available optimise the inert atmosphere inside the work tube. Gasses available are: nitrogen, argon or carbon dioxide.

Carbolite Gero will also be exhibiting at the Future of Furnaces event - 14 -15 September 2021.

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