Can-Eng Furnaces International has been awarded with a contract to design and manufacture two new (2) 50,000 lb/hr Car Bottom Furnaces for one of the leading Metals and Mining companies in the World.

The custom engineered furnaces designed by Can-Eng claim to support the manufacturing critical metal hot rolling machine components used in the production rolling of high value-added automotive steel sheets and plates.

During the bidding process, Can-Eng was able to identify areas of improvement within the customers existing heat treatment system, this then allowed Can-Eng to develop a concept that better suited the customers needs while providing faster, more efficient, enhanced quality, and reduce operating costs for the customer.

The two systems, although located side by side, will feature independent control systems allowing for flexibility in schedules and maintenance. The furnaces will be interconnected to the larger plant wide system for data acquisition and trending capabilities with Can-Eng’s Support to further enhance the machine.

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