Indian glassware manufacturer Borosil has installed an all-electric 42 tonnes/day opal glass furnace supplied by JSJ Jodeit.

The furnace will be used to produce tableware glass at Borosil's Jaipur, Rajasthan, India facility.

The furnace is identical in construction to an existing one.

Compared to the first furnace, the second furnace was brought up to the latest technical standards in all safety-relevant aspects and technically adapted accordingly using modern engineering solutions.

The construction time was approximately five months, from July to December 2022 and the production line started operation on December 22.

JSJ Jodeit's scope of supply included the engineering of the refractory material and steel construction, the planning of the power and control cabinets for electrical heating.

JSJ Jodeit also supplied the complete equipment for electrical heating of the plant (such as furnace transformers, Mo electrodes, electrode holders, top electrodes for the melting zone and forehearth, glass level measuring system (radioactive measuring technology), power cabinets and control cabinets) and the SCADA system.

The installation and commissioning of the plant was accompanied by JSJ Jodeit supervisors at all times.

Borosil is the single largest manufacturer of the complete range of volumetric glassware in India. The company exports its range to more than 50 countries internationally.

JSJ Jodeit is a subsidiary company of Horn Glass Industries and is a supplier for speciality glass furnaces.

Over its history, the company has gained extensive experience in the development, planning and realisation of melting furnaces, systems and components for the production of high-quality speciality glasses.