Pharmaceutical glass manufacturer Bormioli Pharma has completed the refurbishment of its Bergantino, Italy furnace, which is dedicated to the production of type II glass containers.

The project, completed last month, is one of many initiatives the company has put in action in terms of industrial investments.

This new project strengthens the moulded glass production capabilities of the group, which have been recently integrated with tubular glass capabilities.

In the last three years, Bormioli Pharma has acquired two companies in Germany specialised in the production of pharmaceutical packaging and, among this, of tubular glass vials (Type I, II, III).

The result is a highly flexible glass productive platform, with back-up opportunities and multiple technologies.

The Bormioli Pharma plant in Bergantino employs about 350 people and more than 1.8 billion pieces are produced annually.

The use of advanced technologies and the high qualified systems used to improve product quality contribute to the continuous advancement of this Bormioli Pharma’s plant, which is one of the most important European centres to produce moulded glass for pharmaceutical use.