• Front-End Engineering and Design studies will drive cost-effective carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies
  • Solutions based on existing technology are key to achieving cement industry’s climate goals
  • Joint effort will bring together ABB’s expertise and solutions with Captimise’s cost-effective CCUS project experience

ABB and Captimise are extending their collaboration to drive the adoption of cost-effective carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies in the cement industry. Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the two companies will develop screening, feasibility and Front-End Engineering and Design studies. The initiative will support cement producers in identifying suitable and cost-efficient carbon capture technologies covering their full carbon chain, from capture, liquefaction and buffer storage to transport, permanent storage and utilization.

The initiative will combine ABB’s leading automation, electrification, instrumentation and digitalization technologies, and its extensive expertise in cement operations worldwide, with Captimise’s know-how on cost-effective carbon capture technologies and its experience in CCUS projects across the US and Europe.

“Our ongoing relationship with ABB has materialized on a number of projects across different industries, and we look forward to exploring further opportunities for cement customers,” said Mattias Jones, CEO of Captimise. “We draw on a track-record of more than 25 live case studies with CO₂ emitters across Europe and the US and know we’ll be able to support operations of all sizes in cement through combined CCUS, automation and electrification technologies.”

Image right: Leaders from the two companies have agreed to use their solutions that exist today to drive change for customers. Image Captimise and ABB

“Reducing the carbon emissions from cement manufacturing is a major challenge and a top priority for this industry,” said Max Tschurtschenthaler, Global Business Unit Manager, Cement, ABB Process Industries. “We are on a mission to make it more cost-effective. By combining our world-class automation, electrification and digital technologies with the know-how of partners like Captimise, we can further support the cement industry in achieving their climate and net zero targets.”

ABB and Captimise will also work together on promotional activities that bring their comprehensive study offering and services to potential customers in Europe.