René Meuleman
Director of Business Development, CelSian

Tools That Reduces Energy Demanded by Furnaces While Keeping Quality and Furnace Lifetime in Tact

René Meuleman's talk will show multiple tools to reduce energy while keeping quality and furnace lifetime in tact.


René studied electrical engineering and started his career in the glass industry in 1969 as an employee of Vereenigde Glasfabrieken in The Netherlands. During his early years, he built his broad knowledge and experience in design and development of electronic quality equipment for container glass manufacturing and was involved in the implementation of their first-generation PLC and DCS systems, as well as electronic timing systems for IS-machines. The company became part of BSN and later part of O-I.

After O-I René joined the Eurotherm by Schneider Electric group where he is responsible for the technical and commercial glass business development. Based on the Eurotherm and Schneider-Electric portfolio and together with his global glass business team he worked on the development of innovative, pragmatic and competitive glass manufacturing process and power control systems.

Now during his last years before retirement, René works as Director Business Development for the Dutch Glass Engineering company CelSian, focusing on supporting glass manufacturers and suppliers with the upcoming energy transition.