Mark Lindsay
Co-director and Co-owner of Product Approvals Ltd

Market Access for the UK

The dominant furnace standards in Europe and the UK since the late 1980’s have been the EN746 series. Brexit has now happened and infrastructure changes are taking place. CE marking still exists and will continue to exist but the UK has introduced the UKCA mark.

What will this mean? Mark will illustrate and clarify some of the issues surrounding ‘Notified Bodies’, ‘Approved Bodies’ and the options facing not just UK players but international ones as well.


Mark Lindsay BSc CEng MIET joined as a co-director and co-owner of Product Approvals Ltd in January 2014.

Mark has over 20 years' experience in the compliance engineering.

Having previously worked as a senior compliance engineer specialising in product safety for a global electronics manufacturer, and since joining product approvals has worked on many projects from machinery to appliances to control equipment across many global certification including CE, North America and Australia.

Mark sits on the Underwriters Laboratories UL 50 / 50E (Enclosures for electrical equipment environmental / non-environmental) and UL 840 (Insulation co-ordination) Standards Technical Panels and will contributes to the further development of these standards. He is well versed in many others standards across several compliance fields.