Mark Allen
Sales Director, Mechatherm

What if a Furnace was Intelligent Enough to Improve its own Performance?

What if a furnace was intelligent enough to improve its own performance? It was the simple question that inspired a Research project introducing artificial intelligence into a standard Mechatherm Melting furnace.

With one trial underway, and successful early results, Mechatherm have discovered a way to leverage cloud-server technology and artificial intelligence capabilities at plant level, allowing a furnace to learn from its own performance and adapt over time, becoming more efficient with each passing day. With the core of this technology established, where else could this be applied, and to what gain? The possibilities are endless.


Mark Allen began his Mechatherm career as a software engineer in 1998. Working on all of the company’s major software projects until around 2006, when Mark set up the company’s Industrial IT division, focusing on the application of more complex client-server architectures into large-scale casthouse projects.

In 2015 Mark, in collaboration with one other person, founded Mechatherm’s service division, growing from an office of two with zero revenue, to a multi-million-pound turnover and team of ten in just three years. Now Mark has brought the concept of service-led sales to the core of Mechatherm’s sales team, maintaining a keen focus on the application of technology into traditional casthouse projects.