Danny Brennan
Principal Consultant, DB Gas Associates

The Gas Quality Debate and Gas Fired Process Heating Equipment

At present the gas quality in the UK is governed by the Gas Safety (Management) Regulations 1996 which specifies the maximum and minimum energy content of the natural gas in the UK system. The EU are looking at extending the range of the gas quality and as we have two interconnectors with Europe and two interconnectors to the Republic of Ireland it is thought, despite BREXIT, we will still be part of the proposed extended gas quality range.

The UK have carried out limited trials in Oban, in Scotland, on possible increasing the range of the gas quality but there is very limited knowledge on how this increased range will affect natural gas fired industrial process heating equipment. It would appear that the consultants involve in the trials also have limited knowledge or experience of gas fired industrial process heating. The presentation will examine some of the trial work and then look at how the proposed increase in gas quality range is likely to affect industrial gas fired process heating equipment based on the knowledge and experiences of a practical gas engineer.


Danny Brennan was initially employed by British Gas designing gas fired process heating equipment, including furnaces, kilns, ovens, driers etc. Having moved into industrial natural gas consultancy Danny ultimately left British Gas to set up DB Gas Associates, where he is Principal Consultant.

DB Gas Associates, which were established 24 years ago, are involved in consultancy on all aspects of gas fired process heating equipment as well as preparing/running site specific and bespoke industrial gas awareness and gas safety courses. Over the years Danny has been involved in incident investigation as well as being engaged in ‘Expert Witness’ work, he is acknowledged as an expert in all aspects of gas fired process heating equipment, including Gas Regulations and Gas Standards, by Courts throughout the UK.

Danny Brennan has also been invited to give lectures, talks and presentations to many learned bodies and institutions on all aspects of natural gas fired process heating equipment including gas safety.