Dan Hulme,
Business Development Manager
Inspired Energy

Net Zero – Future Challenges for Furnace Operators

'Net Zero' has become a common part of language in the energy and sustainability world since the UK government legislated to hit net zero carbon emissions by 2050. But how is this going to affect manufacturing businesses that are operating typically fossil fuel heavy furnaces?

This session will provide insight as to what net zero really means, how this is going to prove challenging for businesses operating furnaces and what possible steps they can take to understand their future options.


Experience, skills, qualifications and expertise Dan qualified as a surveyor out of college before pursuing a career in the energy consultancy sector. Having worked with the energy intensive sector for over seven years, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of manufacturing processes and their impact on the operating costs and environmental impact. His specific areas of expertise are around compliance, levy exemption, and energy and carbon reduction strategies.

Dan supports clients by understanding their challenges, drivers and opportunities to help develop a solution to better manage energy costs, improve efficiency and reduce impact on the environment.

Part of Dan’s role at Inspired is to support the UK Manufacturing sector through a relationship with Make UK. He regularly presents on workshops and seminars for their members to improve awareness and share best practice.