CARBOLITE GERO has 80 years’ experience in thermal engineering the brand is synonymous with high quality, leading heat technology in the design and manufacture of laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces ranging from 30°C to 3000°C with a focus on vacuum and special atmosphere technology.

The Company has two manufacturing and sales sites. One is based in Derbyshire, United Kingdom, where Carbolite has been manufacturing laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces up to 1800°C since 1938; the second facility is in Neuhausen, Germany, manufacturing high-temperature furnaces to 3000°C.

In addition to the wide range of standard products, CARBOLITE GERO is an expert in the development of customized equipment for complex heat treatment processes. Solving customers’ individual application requirements has for example enhanced CARBOLITE GERO’s standing in aerospace, engineering, materials science, medical, bioscience and contract testing laboratories around the World.

Not only can CARBOLITE GERO supply products with Standards-compliant furnaces and ovens [e.g., Nadcap heat treatment processes (AMS2750F)], but they can also provide full traceability certification for control, measurement, recording and data acquisition devices, issued by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.

CARBOLITE GERO is a part of the Verder Scientific division of the Verder Group. The Division has over 1,000 employees worldwide, generating a turnover of more than €150 million who work with passion and expertise to develop and manufacture products as well as provide services for state-of-the-art scientific applications.