Stuart Hakes

Chief Executive



Stuart has 58 years in the glass industry. He studied Glass Technology in England and worked in the United Kingdom with container plants affiliated to the O-I Group. He then returned to his native New Zealand as Manufacturing Manager at Crown Crystal Glass (part of the ACI Group in Australasia). Crown Crystal Glass made containers for the South Island as well as flacconage for export and tableware operations. He oversaw the conversion of the plant to all-electric melting from renewable hydro-generated power before being promoted to positions in Auckland, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and other South Eastern destinations.

Stuart then moved to Melbourne to run the mould operations for ACI before going to China in a corporate role investigating possible joint venture partners prior to transferring to set-up and run the mould operations for their 5 operating plants based in Tianjin.

Stuart joined F.I.C. (UK) Limited as CEO in 1999 and has been there ever since.

Stuart has just ended his term as President of the Society of Glass Technology guiding it through the 3 years of the COVID pandemic.

F.I.C. (UK) Limited is a leading proponent of the de-carbonisation of the glass industry.

The future of Glass Furnaces in a decarbonised world

The presentation will look at options that are available to the industry both immediately and requiring some development. It will look at the myths and technologies available and examine different paths forward.

Stuart Hakes will be speaking at the following sessions.

The future of glass furnaces in a decarbonised world