Philippe Kerbois

Global Industry Manager



Philippe, previously Regional Sales Manager EMEA – Glass for AMETEK Land, has over 20 years’ experience in high value, complex technical solution sales with specialities in glass, renewable energies, automotive, water filtration, energy production, gas turbines, automation, building automation and oil and gas. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering (Diploma of Higher education) associated to ESTACA degree (Aeronautics and Automotive Engineering school).

Combining IMAGEPro Glass with NIR-B-2K Thermal imaging to Improve Your Carbon Footprint and Reduce NOx Emissions in Glass Furnace Applications

The IMAGEPro Version 2 is a PC based software with the ability to provide batch coverage functions and additionally to communicate natively with modbus, TCP and OPC UA, already covering a large part of the industrial protocols in the glass industry.

Operators can also check the visual information coming from the NIR-B-2K-Glass interface but can also use different information and connect the thermal imager to any PLC using a data acquisition and protocol conversion platform for DCS or SCADA control. Managing the batch length to control the crown temperature is becoming easier.

For batch monitoring and furnace control of a glass furnace to be most effective, the NIR-B-2K-Glass camera with the flexible IMagePro software should be integrated into the DCS control of the furnace and be connected to the existing PLC to provide data to a SCADA.

The AMETEK Land NIR-B-2K-Glass infrared borescope with Image Pro is the ideal tool for this.

Ametek LAND’s NIR-Borescope-2K-Glass infrared thermal imaging camera delivers high-definition images, with accurate temperature measurements at any of the three million temperature points in the thermal image providing accurate temperature profiling and continuous furnace monitoring for any set-up based on data exchange for SCADA.

Additionally, the application of relative isotherms within the image offers the ability to see which flames are typically hotter and give an indication of the flame length. Then, the NIR-B-2K combined to Lancom 4 (our portable gas analyser with 9 gas including O2 and CO ) is a perfect match to lower the carbon footprint and reinforce energy reduction.

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Combining IMAGEPro glass with NIR-B-2K thermal imaging to improve your carbon footprint and reduce NOx emissions in glass furnace applications