Andries Habraken

Segment Leader Process Optimization



Andries is a highly experienced computational fluid dynamics specialist with 25 years of professional experience in the glass industry. After his studies in applied physics, he began his career at TNO, the Dutch research institute, as a simulation engineer and carried through to project manager when TNO Glass Group became CelSian Glass & Solar in 2012.For the past eleven years, he has served as segment leader process optimization, responsible for all GTM-x and EBM customers around the world. Throughout his career, he has built an extensive experience in new builds, rebuilds and optimization studies of glass furnaces in all glass segments.Active member of TC21, the International Committee on Glass’ technical committee for modelling of glass melts, he has published more than 15 papers for conferences and academics and is regularly invited to speak at conferences and provide workshops on furnace modelling and many other topics related to glass.

Energy Balance Simulations to Quantify Energy/Cost savings

Glass companies are increasingly utilizing various solutions and tactics to try to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption in the short term. However, accurately quantifying these advancements is still an arduous task. That's where Energy Balance Simulations become vital as they enable glass companies to rapidly estimate their energy and carbon savings. This is made possible by auditing and benchmarking companies’ glass furnaces against furnaces from around the globe.

That way, Energy Balance modelers can quickly gain insights regarding their furnaces’ performances and make thoughtful decisions that maximize energy savings.

Andries Habraken will be speaking at the following sessions.

Energy Balance Simulations to Quantify Energy/Cost savings