Furnaces International x Glassman

Making the sustainable furnace of the future

The Turkish glass industry is currently enjoying an unprecedented surge in demand. Thanks to its strategic geographic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and its proximity to the Middle East and Africa as well as its access to raw materials Turkish glass is in demand like never before.

But, without furnaces, there is no glass.

Furnaces International will be hosting a session at the event focusing on ‘What makes a sustainable furnace?’

Following geopolitical tensions, the energy crisis has impacted almost, if not all heavy industries. On top of this, we are facing the threats of recession with inflation. The push for industries to decarbonise by 2050 is one of our kinder tasks, and one that should be seen as opportunity rather than a challenge.

By using sustainable solutions to reduce emissions, switch fuels and improve efficiency, we circle back to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, relying on high energy consumption etc.

Furnaces and heat treatment is infamously demanding, but there are a number of solutions that can be used to tackle this. In this session speakers will discuss how to decarbonise, improve efficiency and alternative solutions to improving the sustainability of furnaces.

Find out more about the session speakers and topics below.

About Glassman Events

Glassman Events, organised by Glass International, will be hosting some of the most innovative companies shaping the future of glass manufacturing. The event format is a niche trade exhibition where attendees can arrange meetings with a number of suppliers and industry experts in one place alongside a conference where leaders of the industry will discuss the latest developments.

International experts, glass container manufacturers and businesses that use glass containers gather in Europe to discover the latest innovations which include energy efficiency, quality control, packaging, logistics and decorative possibilities. Hosting 60+ Exhibitors, the event ensures attendees can explore the entire production line.